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Earlier tonight? I bought a candle. On a whim. A silly little candle. 20 bucks. Whatevs, right?

Pomegranate Currant, in case youre wondering. Smells great. Yet I almost didnt get up off the sofa a few hours later while watching innocent babies dying of starvation on CNN.
h2span style=color: #ff0000;emstrongSo whats span style=color: #000000;wrong w/the world/span? The same thing thats span style=color: #000000;wrong w/MEspan style=color: #ff0000;.

a href= class=size-full wp-image-2393 title=horn of africa src= alt= width=252 height=189 //a


h2strongDONATE to the HORN OF AFRICA FAMINE VICTIMS./strong/h2
h3strong600,000 kids could die of starvation unless more aid can get through to them in the next 3 weeks. G/strongstrongo to a href= to pick from many different charitable organizations, or just donate directly to…/strong/h3
h3strong /strongstrongWorld Food Programme /strongstronga href= href=
via a href= Your World – Special Coverage on

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