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Welcome to my home page!

Welcome to my home (page)!

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365 CHARACTERS IN 365 DAYS This year I set myself up with a nearly impossible challenge– to post a video of myself as a different person every day, for 365 days in a row. Why? Well, as the great JFK once said, “We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because we are masochists who don’t know how to relax.” Right now I’m only about 150 videos short of my daily quota. But I’m not giving up!


You know that movie out now with Al Pacino where he gets a personal letter from John Lennon thirty years after John wrote it to him, long after John is dead?  That’s how I feel about this letter.  Only I got it about 3 days after Dave wrote it.  Also Dave is still alive.  And not in the Beatles.  And was never married to Yoko Ono. Otherwise it’s exactly the same thing.

Letter from David Letterman to actress Mary Birdsong.

a LETTER. from a MAN. a man named LETTERMAN.

I’ve been saving Dave’s letter for 14 yrs. It’s suffered many a thumbtack wound since then.  Since I posted it on Twitter, people have been telling me I should frame it.  But that seems too impersonal and too fancy and too…. sterile. I like that it’s rumpled and full of thumbtack holes, staples, and scotch tape.  That’s kind of like Dave himself seems to me.  That’s what makes him funny, and yes- sexy. Dave Letterman you are one sexy, elegant, original man. Click on the link to see a fun thing about a sad thing: Billy Eichner and David Letterman take to the street to figure out Dave’s next move |


Wanna say goodbye to Dave personally?  Or share a great memory about him?  You can do so by going to this Twitter page, which was set up explicitly for that purpose: @ByeLetterman

I kind of wish they’d called it @AlohaLetterman, cuz saying “Bye” is too sad.

*That website doesn’t actually exist, but it should!  If I were you I’d grab that domain right quick.

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